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Rose Diamond is the owner of A1 Obessions . She started doing hair when she was little and has been doing it every since. She ended up turning her passion for making wigs into a business. When Rose was young her hair started to fall out to unknown reasons her hair fell out so much all she wore was hats doctors didn't Know why this was happening. Rose hair eventually grew back but it has never been the same so not liking how her hair was and wanted to feel pretty she started making herself wigs (Hand Stitching). Watching youtube videos she quickly learned how to make wigs and realizing that this is what she likes doing. In may 2019 she switched the technique and started making her wigs on a sewing machine watching videos on youtube on how to make wigs on a sewing machine she easy catch on and loves making wigs on a sewing machine. Making wigs on a sewing machine is 10x easier than hand stitching the time is cut down in half it makes her 1 hour to make a wig on a sewing machine vs 3 hours hand stitching . The benefits of making a wig on a sewing machine 1. You can make a wig in 30mins-1hour 2. The wig will last a long time 3.The hair is more flat 4.No worries of the wig falling apart. Rose hopes she can inspire,teach others about making wigs.

A1 Obessions A1 Obessions

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